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The next evolution of player care is here

Easy to onboard and maintain

Built with AI from the ground up

More than just support

We have everything you need

+10 Wisdom

Next-Level Analytics

Next-Level Analytics

+3 All attributes

AI Super Search

AI Super Search

+5 All attributes

Epic API

Epic API

True deflecting

Build powerful automations to deflect players without ever creating any tickets.

+3 Intellect

Wizard's Library Knowledge Base

Wizard's Library Knowledge Base

+4 Agility

Plug-and-Play Development Kit

Plug-and-Play Development Kit

+5 All Attributes

Founders' Unrivaled Support

Founders' Unrivaled Support

Automatic insights from the tickets

Players crashing when opening inventory
Duplicated charges with purchases
Harrasment & provoking issues

These are also in the pot

Quick assign

Instant task delegation, as quickly as snapping your fingers

Advanced search

Find data like hidden Easter eggs.

Interactive FAQs

FAQs that guide like in-game tutorials.

Issue voting

Community-driven priorities, game-style.

Deep linking

Teleport users right where they need to be.

VIP support

Exclusive support, secret level style.

Targeted surveys

Pinpoint feedback like aiming for high scores.

And more

Make a wish, see it on our next update.

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