Building with transparency

We have decided to keep our product feature development visible to everyone. If you have a feature request, drop us a line.

April 12 - 2024

My conversations view, Game settings, Knowledge base editor

Support app

  1. My conversations view to only show your own conversations

  2. Added game settings page to support app

Knowledge base

  1. Improved knowledge base editor to support more rich elements

  2. Show information such as which languages are in use and last updated in the article lists.

April 5 - 2024

Metadata, Private notes and Standalone Application

Recovering from the GDC and a bit longer Easter holidays, we're back on track. Besides having good meetings and making new acquaintances lately, our products are also progressing forward.


  1. Send information about player’s device that can be viewed in conversation

  2. Allow games to send custom metadata to support app

Support Application

  1. Our support application can now be run as an standalone application (Mac, Windows).

  2. It's now possible to leave private notes within conversations

Knowledge Base

  1. Support automatically translating an existing knowledge base article localization based on updated main language.

Metadata, Private notes and Standalone Application

March 22 - 2024

Week behind at the GDC

This week, we've been mingling around the GDC, making new connections, listening to experts, and enjoying good company during the side events.

Week behind at the GDC

March 15 - 2024

SDK Knowledge Base & Agent Assistant Sneak Peek

For the past week we've been busy polishing out our SDK and Support App, making it faster, look better and added small nice things like key shortcuts to increase efficiency.

We also had time to take some of our bigger features forward. This week we finally made the knowledge base articles available in the SDK Support Center, with full localisation support of course.

We've also been busy working on our Agent Assistant AI, which allows support agents to quickly ask for help when resolving players' tickets. We utilise all the information the game has entered in their knowledge base to give fast, accurate answers. No more jumping between different windows trying to find the answer to the player's issue. The Assistant AI is still work in progress, but we're seeing great results already, so we wanted to give a small sneak peek.

Next week we're going to be at the GDC, ready to show off our product!

SDK & Knowledge base

  1. The SDK has been translated to Spanish, French, German and Finnish.

  2. Published articles are now shown in the SDK Support Center with localisation support.

  3. Polished transitions for a smoother feel.

Support App

  1. Polished the UI/UX in many places.

  2. Improved the loading performance for faster navigation between pages.

  3. Added some keyboard shortcuts for increased efficiency.

  4. Agent Assistant AI in conversations for quick help. Still work-in-progress!

SDK Knowledge Base & Agent Assistant Sneak Peek

March 8 - 2024

Multilingual support & Automated Knowledge Base Localisation

It has been a super busy week wrapping these features up. We are really happy about the speed and the accuracy of real-time translation between player and support.

Knowledge base articles can now be automatically translated to several different languages (default option is the languages that game supports).

We have been busy testing also multilingual real-time translation between support and the player. The speed and accuracy amazes us!

If you want to see this in action, book a demo session with us!

Auto translate conversations

  1. Player’s messages are translated to support agent’s language and vice-versa

  2. CSATs feedbacks are also translated

Knowledge base

  1. Creating and editing articles

  2. Automatically translate articles to other languages

  3. Versioning articles

Multilingual support & Automated Knowledge Base Localisation

March 1 - 2024

Summarizing and related conversations

Support App

  1. Automatically summarize conversations with AI.

  2. Automatically determine if the player's issue was resolved with AI.

  3. Show related conversations for player with a short summary of the issue.

Knowledge Base

  1. Support editing categories in Knowledge Base.

  2. Support adding new articles to games.

  3. Continued work on article editor and localizations.

Summarizing and related conversationsSummarizing and related conversations

February 23 - 2024

Access Control, Knowledge Base Customization and API Security Enhancements

Support App

  1. Implemented roles and access control for companies and users. Company admins can decide what level of access to give to the users they create.

Knowledge Base

  1. Support creating new categories. Categories are company-wide and can be added to any game within the company.

  2. Implemented adding and sorting categories in a game’s knowledge base.

  3. Started work on article editing & localizations.


  1. Updated all existing API endpoints to authorize requests based on the roles.

February 15 - 2024

iOS SDK Improvements and Agent Statistics


  1. Work on native iOS SDK framework. Games can open and close support center from their native iOS games and iOS simulator.

Support App

  1. Improvements to SSO authentication flow and implemented log out functionality.

  2. Agent profile with statistics such as daily, weekly and monthly average CSAT / total conversations, recent feedback and performance in different categories

  3. Started work on Knowledge Base management.

iOS SDK Improvements and Agent Statistics

February 8 - 2024

UX, iOS Integration, and CSAT Insights


  1. Continued the refactoring work from last week to pay off technical debt


  1. Improved the UX for starting a new conversation

  2. Started working on iOS demo game that we will integrate our SDK to.

Support App

  1. Support resolving conversations

  2. Show CSAT score in the conversation view

UX, iOS Integration, and CSAT Insights

January 31 - 2024

Foundational Improvements and Enhanced User Experience


  1. Paid off technical debt that has been accrued in the past months of rapid development.

Support App

  1. Keep track of the last read messages and automatically scroll into the last seen message

  2. Generic error handling for dealing with inline & whole page errors

Foundational Improvements and Enhanced User Experience

January 25 - 2024

Streamlined Communications and Conversations


  1. Allow players to start conversations with the support.

  2. Unified help center and talk with us allowing seamless navigation between knowledge base and ongoing discussions.

  3. Added conversation list to the Chat with us section

  4. Added the ability to send and receive new messages

Support App

  1. Support browsing all past conversations, or by game

  2. Receiving and replying to player messages

  3. See conversation events such as when the conversation was assigned or transferred and to whom

  4. Indicate when player is typing or if you have unread messages

Streamlined Communications and Conversations

January 18 - 2024

SDK and Support App Updates


  1. New help center page with customizable theme

  2. Made opening support view blazing fast ⚡

Support App

  1. Added support for multiple games

  2. Realtime updates of conversations

  3. Assigning agents to conversations

  4. See your assigned conversations with a browser-like tab navigation