Heading out to the GDC 2024

We're excited to go to the Game Developer Conference this year, a key event in the gaming world. With over 30,000 expected to attend, it's a huge opportunity for us to learn and connect. The size of the event makes our heads spin.

At the end of 2023, we embarked on an ambitious journey to complete the first version of our Knowledge Base, SDK, and Support Application by the GDC. Acknowledging the ever-evolving landscape of the gaming industry, we embrace the notion that our software will perpetually be a work in progress, adapting to new challenges and opportunities.


This year our goal is to explore, connect, and showcase our product and how it can help gaming companies in their different stages. We believe our solution will redefine player support management within gaming companies, offering efficiency and engagement.


What comes to swag, no ballpoint pens this year. 🌚

We have few more with different styles in our stock. Those are yet to be revealed.

This year, we are especially eager to engage with experts on player support strategies, understanding the profound impact on both the industry and player satisfaction. Regardless of your direct involvement in player support, your organization could greatly benefit from the insights our solution offers, including:

  • Strategies to enhance player satisfaction and reduce support tickets

  • Identifying player demographics most concerned with specific bugs

  • Prioritizing the needs and preferences of your most valuable players

  • The benefits of automation and interactive knowledge base articles

  • How AI assistant can help the agent

  • And much more

We hope to discuss these topics in more detail with you all at the GDC 2024! Drop a quick line to contact@theymes.com to schedule a meeting.

Looking forward to seeing you at the GDC! 👋

- Tommi, Reko, Riku


Tommi Koirikivi, CEO & Co-founder